Thursday, July 3, 2008

Movie Review: Wall E

There were some things I liked about this movie and some that I didn't. First off the guys at Pixar do an incredible job with the animation, there movies are almost like watching pieces of art. I went into this movie with really high expectations (as I do with all Disney/Pixar movies) it was my second most anticipated movie of the summer only behind The Dark Knight. The movie is based around Wall-E, an extremely loveable charming robot. His character was the best part of the movie. Of course since its a Pixar movie one of the small roles in the film was voiced by John Ratzenberger. There was a lot of this movie that I didn't like. First off the other main character is EVE, Wall-E's love interest, I thought she was too bitchy to be enjoyable (.....yes its an odd way to describe a robot). The main thing I didn't like was the overall feel and preachy-ness of the movie. Where a large Wal-Mart-esque company pollutes earth to the point where we have to leave and humans turn into fat blobs in hoverchairs. While the movie was enjoyable and original, it wasn't the funny or happy movie I was expecting. I am going to give it a thumbs up............ but this one was close.


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