Monday, July 7, 2008

June Blog Report

A good month for site traffic, a lot of hits coming from the Indiana Beach PTR.

June Blog Page Views: 2,688

May Oddball Searches

+knott's headspin youtube

a walk in the park movie

being overweight at magic mountain

did people complain about the giant cobra being to loud on the indiana jones ride at disneyland

erik yates theme park thrill radio

giant bouncy ball at downtown disney

hm satin boxers snoopy men

i walk in the park and stand in the dark

indiana beach dooms


knoebels crystal pool locker room

mayweather photos at press confrence on sat march 29 2008 in orlando fl

rideable "monster truck" michigan arcade

streetmosphere and screeen test 1992

the mask 3d ridefilm

water slides blades

Some of those searches are just bizarre

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