Monday, July 7, 2008

Pat Goes To The Fair PTR

So a few weeks back I check out the local carnival, heres some pics:

The fair was complete with old man band.

Heres a prize the kids will love, inflatable patriotic machine guns

Spinnin' Teddys

Goofy looking kiddy boat ride

They had some of these GIANT sized games, that I'd never seen before


I didn't go in to the 'Ghost Pirates' dark ride, but I was tempted. I bet theres nothing but Disney quality stuff in there!!

And it was a classy attraction too

This booth was pretty cool, I bought one of the cheaper bears.

Power Surge, I hate these rides.

Carnival Ferris Wheel's, I never trust em'

I don't have a clue what that is

Sweet pic, don't like this ride either.

Tilt-A-Whirl, nothing specail here

Now THIS, is one bad ass ride

Cause every park/fair needs one of these

No fair is complete without food

I had pieorgies for dinner, tasty stuff

A trip to the fair isn't complete without some deep fried goodness

I saw this sign and just had to try one of these

Despite looking more like a deep fried cock, then a fried twinkie, it was pretty tasty.

Hope you all enjoyed the pics.

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Tim Kretschmann said...

Pierogi tip:

If you have one at home, take a bunch of sour cream; mix in sugar until it is creamy, not clumpy, and pour on the pierogi.

I'm telling you--it's magic!