Monday, July 28, 2008

SFGAm Trip Report

I have some thoughts and pictures from my visit to Six Flags Great America from this past Sunday the 27th


- Holy shit was it crowded. I got to the park at 10:10 and already lines for The Dark Knight Coaster were 2 hours and Superman Ultimate Flight was 1.5. Lines didn't get any shorter all day long, crowds were nuts. V2 had a full queue with the full emergency line filled. Raging Bull was steady at an hour. The waterpark was at capacity and had a massive line.

- It didn't take me long before I realizied that I had to options: Buy the $27 Dollar FlashPass or have a miserable day. I bought the pass.

- I saw the parks big 'Show Stoppin' musical stage show. Pretty worthless with the exception of watching the hotties dance around the stage.

- Every ride in the park was operating, which was very good to see.
- I rode The Dark Knight twice, I still enjoy the ride. Preshow is cool and as a wild mouse its a good one.

- The Pretzel Loop on Superman might be the most intense move on a coaster ever.

- The Planet Earth 3D show had beautiful visuals on the giant screen, but not great 3D.

- American Eagle is highly underrated.

- I think there was a show, sometimes multiple shows (most crappy) on every stage in the park, which is nice to see.

- Lunch was complete price gouging, $14 dollars for philly, fries and drink. Fuckin Six Flags.

- The souvenir shop had some pretty sweet shirts I picked 2 up, cause I just needed more coaster shirts.

Psh, Way to totally rip off my name six flags
Enjoyment Pose: Stand In Shower & Prepare For Deepthroat
$14 & Mediocre
Crowds Were Large
NO CHANCE IN HELL I Would Wait In That Line In The Heat
I Woulda Bought This One, But I Don't Like Tall Girls.
I Did Buy This One.
Its odd seeing disney stuff in a non disney park. One souvenir stand was selling Wall-E, Cars, Hannah Montannah and High School Musical merch.


The Coaster Critic said...

Nice trip report. I've heard good things about American Eagle, why was it better than you expected? Did you get a chance to ride the B&M stand-up? My trip to SFGAM was cut short by rain that closed most rides down. At least I got to ride Viper. I thought it was an exceptionally good woodie. What'd you think?

Pat McCabe said...

American Eagle is always better then I expect because I always throw it in there with the rest of the dual tracked 'classic' woodies: Collosus, Rolling Thunder, Rebel Yell & Racer and I think eagle is far superior to those.

I didn't ride the B&M Standup on this trip Iron Wolf, mostly because I really really don't like that ride, in my opinion it might be the worst coaster on the planet.

I like Viper a lot, fun ride and the lines for it aren't normally bad.

Tim Kretschmann said...

Iron Wold is in fact the worst roller coaster in the world and I agree that the Eagle is underrated. It has good speed and air time and always delivers a fun ride.