Friday, August 29, 2008

Nightmare Before Christmas DVD

So this past Tuesday Nightmare Before Christmas came out on 2 disc DVD specail edition and is jam packed with specail features. Now being the theme park dork that I am the one that drew my immeadiate attenion was the feature about The Haunted Mansion Holiday Overlay At Disneyland. This has been an attraction that has always intrigued me, but never have experianced. Those unfamiliar with the overlay how it works it that Disneylands Mansion shuts down for 2 months each year (I think September & January) to install & uninstall the props. So for October-November-December of each year the haunted mansion becomes a almost completely different attraction based on the characters of Nightmare Before Christmas. The DVD has three different parts on the overlay, the first is a professionally shot ride thru with the attractions holiday soundtrack. The second is a ride thru with pop up trivia all about Haunted Mansion Holiday. The third is the highlight and is about a 40 minute documentary all about the overlay and goes into detail about every major show piece used in the Holiday Spectacular.

Needless to say I LOVED this specail feature, in fact it was probably worth the $25 dollar price of the DVD alone. This is almost convincing me to take a trip out to Disneyland later on this year to give it a try. The thing I love about the overlay is the incredible level of detail that is involved and that each year the holiday is a lil bit different and imagineers do things like change the design of the gingerbread house to keep things interesting.

Very Cool.

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