Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SFGAm Trip Report

So I was back at my home park of Six Flags Great America this past Saturday. My In The Loop cohost Clint Novak was in town and wanted to hit SFGAm for the first time in 15 years. For the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, the park wasn't nearly as crowded as I figured it would be. Dark Knight had the longest line and that was only an hour long. Rode everything in the park, except the hour line at S:UF and the closed B:TR. Got some pics:

My $14 dollar lunch (fuckin six flags) was actually pretty good. The Mooseburger Lodge is my favorite SFGAm eatery.

This was my first time ever on the Jetsons kiddie coaster at SFGAm (Roller Coaster #298). The coolest part of the ride was that the station played the 'Meet George Jetson' tone every time a train launched.

The dog tag shack had quite an odd selection.

I am sooo happy this is coming back for Fright Fest. Its the best part of the event and probably the best show I have ever seen at a Six Flags or Cedar Fair park.

The former Deja Vu spot has construction signs up and a pirate flag for the rumored 2009 Splash Battle.

And I finish off this report with an image that will haunt your brains for a long time.

Ride Count
Dark Knight Coaster
Rajun Cajun
Planet Earth
Sky Trek Tower
Iron Wolf
American Eagle
Raging Bull

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