Friday, October 10, 2008

DVD's & Park's

So I bought 2 DVD's this past week and both of them had theme park connections. The first one I wasn't suspecting at all and that was The Simpsons Season 11, I'm a big Simpsons fan and have all 11 DVD sets. The cool part was this DVD set came with a front of the line express pass good for up to four people for The Simpsons Ride in either Florida or California. I thought this was soooo cool and a great idea for cross promotion. Also The Simpsons Ride can build up some hefty waits, so this will probably come in handy for me.

The other DVD I bought was the Sleeping Beauty 50th Anniversary Platinum Edition. Much like the simpsons, I have started to buy all the Disney animated films as they come out on DVD. This one I was excited because it had a big specail feature all about the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk Through at Disneyland. The features on the DVD include a virtual walk thru of the original 1957 attraction (which was different then the one that closed earlier this decade) and the CG walk thru had 2 different audio tracks, one that featured the attraction audio & ambient sound and the other was commentary by Imagineer Tony Baxter all about the different features of the exhibit and how things worked. The other cool specail feature is a history of the attraction video. Of course on the DVD they bring up the fact that the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk Through 'Re-Awakens' later this month, and knowing the people that work behind the scenes at Disneyland they will do a great job.

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