Sunday, October 12, 2008

SFGAm Fright Fest PTR

So I spent all day Saturday (10am - 8:30pm) at Six Flags Great America for a day full of Fright Fest & Roller Coasters. I got a bunch of pictures, but first here are my thoughts:

- SFGAm does the best job out of the three SF parks I been to for Fright Fest. They got 3 scare zones, 2 haunted houses, a bunch of roving scareactors and loads of shows.

- The park was PACKED. I mean, they couldn't fit many more people in there. When I was there I saw queue's full & spilling out onto the midway at: The Dark Knight, Superman(which was up & down all day), Iron Wolf, Viper, V2, Batman & Raging Bull. Many of which were over 2 hours long.

- I bought the $32.00 one person regular flash pass, so I could actually ride things and see all the shows. It worked out great.

- They have loads of Fright Fest props all over the park, which is fun.

- Splash Battle construction zone is pretty big.

- They got clowns in Mardi Gras, Pirates in Yankee Harbor, Wierd Dead Hollywood People in Southwest Territory and my favorite Trolls in County Fair.

- I like that they change some of the flat rides for Fright Fest. The bumper cars get black lights, strobe lights & blast Drowning Pools "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor". The teacups get walled in, fogged up, crazy club lighting package & blast techno music. This makes these rides soooooooooo much better.

- The shows I saw were decent. The freak show pushes the boundary of good taste, some gross stuff there. Dead Mans Party is your average people dressed as zombies sing songs show. Love At First Fright is the highlight of Fright Fest for me. For those that haven't seen it, its an hour long musical stage show in the big indoor arena, that has big sets, big numbers and some good humor.

- Mooseburger Lodge is by far my favorite SFGAm restarant.

- I didn't do any of the haunted houses, not just because I am a big wuss and hate the idea of walking down a dark alley & have a masked dude jump out of a barrel, but because they were 10 bucks and had long lines (the masoleum of terror did, not sure about studio 13 didn't walk by that one after dark).

Before I Get To The Pics, Heres My Favorite OVERHEARD GP QUOTES:

"they look like bathtub seats"
-fat kid at whizzer

"I'm gonna fall out"
"Your seat belted in dumbass"

-girls on viper

"can we ride the pharoh next?"
-confused girl in line at raging bull

"it's six flags new affirmative action policy"
-white guy behind me at superman after 6 big black guys cut the line


The Crowd At Rope Drop. Things Only Got Busier


A Few Ads For Six Flags Around The Park. I'll Probably Buy It

Ads For This Were All Over Too. Probably Won't Buy This One Though

Awesome Prize #1: Hong Kong Phooey

Awesome Prize #2: Captain Caveman

Rajun Cajun Has A Single Rider Line Now, Neat

The Park Can't Get Rid Of All That Crappy SpyGirl Merch

Custard Filled Churros = Delicous

ONLY $65.00!!!!

I Normally Rag On Parks For Carrying Non-Park Related Merch, But This Shirt Was Way Too Awesome To Pass Up

I Won This Pillow At The Guess Your Wait Game. The Game Attendant Guessed 193 And I Weighed In At 217, And Thats 217 Pounds Of Pure Sexiness For All Those Interested

The AWITP Blog On My New iPhone

The Altered Bumper Cars Were Popular & Sweet

Creepy Clown Decor In Mardi Gras

The Necropolis Is The Parks Big Outdoor Scare Zone. I Thought It Was Better This Year Then In The Past, About 10 Scare Actors & A Bunch Of Cheesy Props

This Reminded Me Of One Of The Hitchhiking Ghosts


Freak Show Stage

Probably The Creepiest Decoration In The Park

Southwest Territory Scare Zone

Fire, Makes Things Better

One Of The Cheesey Scenes In The Necropolis

Probably The Most Bizarre Decoration In The Park

Frisbee With Fog

Demon Fright Fested Up

The Main Entrance Is Very Cool During Fright Fest

And Now Some Buccaneer Battle Construction Pics:

Fun Day, Busy Day.


Love At First Fright
Dead Man's Party
The Human Freak Show
Freak! Parade
The Dark Knight Coaster
Superman (First Time I Been On It At Night, Cool Stuff)
Rue Le Dodge (Rue Le Morgue For Fright Fest)
Viper (Snakes On A Train For Fright Fest)
Chubasco (Terror Twister For Fright Fest)
Raging Bull (2 Times)
Triple Play
Batman The Ride

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