Monday, February 16, 2009

MouseFest 2009 Cancelled

Well this is sad news as it came out yesterday that MouseFest 2009 Has Been Cancelled. I went to MouseFest for the first time last December (Check Out My PTR Here) and had a blast, I got to meet so many of the Disney Podcasters that I have been listening to for years and got to make a lot of friends that shared the same passion for the parks I possess.

While I understand the reason for the MouseFest executive comittee, in that the Chairman stepped down and they had no one willing to step up to that level of time comittment and responsibility. I can't say I agree with the idea that "Well MF 2009 won't be as deluxe as MF 2008, so lets just quit". I mean wouldn't a 'MouseFest-Lite' with no lanyards, registration or Mega Mouse Meet be better then no MouseFest at all.

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