Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pat In Orlando & Latest Episode

Hey Everyone,

I get on a plane to sunny Orlando Florida tomorrow. I am doing a lot of exciting things on this trip including:

- Plenty Of Days At Disney
- Mardi Gras Media Day & Ne-Yo Concert At Universal
- New York Yankees Spring Training
- Apartment Shopping
- ESPN The Weekend

I have decided to do something special on this trip for all of you out there in internet land, I will be updating my status frequently (about 5-10 times per day) on facebook and invite everyone out there to 'friend' me on facebook to be a part of this semi live trip report.

Friend Me At:

Hope you all enjoy my 'semi-live trip report' and check out the lastest episode:


tigellinus said...

So is it confirmed you're moving to Orlando, and if so, when??

I know you had been contemplating it, but I don't think you ever made a blog post about it actually happening??

Also, if you move before mid-April, can I have your Diamondback media day credential!? :)

Pat McCabe said...

Yes, the move is a go. Moving date is set for late march/early April. Going to be checking out apartments this week

I would glady give you my diamondback media pass. ......but I don't have one. Personally I'm not to big on media days, but I did goto a fun one yesterday at universal.