Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back From Orlando

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts/shows lately but as you can imagine things have been pretty crazy here between the big Orlando trip last week and continuing to set up the move (plus a cold this week hasn't helped anything out).

If you want to check out what I did on the trip last week my In The Loop Co-Host did an excellent job of keeping track of all of my facebook mini-updates and consolidated them into this thread over on the boards:

Things are moving full force on the move happening at the end of the month. Check out the apartment complex where I signed my lease at:

I am absolutely thrilled with my new pad. I got a deal on the place with only $675 a month for rent. The place has a pool, hot tub, excercise room & best of all is only 4 minutes from Walt Disney World property!! I can't wait to move in and think I am going to be much happier living down there.

Stay tuned I should have a new show up tomorrow night.


tigellinus said...

The place looks pretty sweet!! And $675 for 800+ sqft is a great deal as well!!

Here's two questions I have:

1. Forgive me for asking, and feel free to decline on commenting if necessary, but do you have a new job in O-town yet?

2. Unrelated, if I got the dining plan at Disney and ate at a table service restuarant, would tipping the server be paid separately from my dining plan?

Good luck with the move!! Btw, are you renting a U-haul for your furniture and stuff?

Pat McCabe said...


1. I have no job down there yet. I have had a few phone interviews, but it is difficult to job search across the country. I have a been planning this for a while and have a lot saved up to make the move and support myself should I struggle finding employement. Also, while a professional engineering job is something I would prefer, if I see a simple 'blue collar' job I think I would enjoy doing and help pay the bills for a little while, I'd probalby hop on that.

2. If your on the dining plan I believe tipping is no longer included, it used to be, but isn't anymore. I wouldn't really recommend the dining plan, because I hate the idea of being locked into one large table service meal a day and enjoy the freedom of eating where ever.

I am working on getting moving quotes this week and hope to sign on with a moving company by tomorrow or saturday.

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