Sunday, April 12, 2009

4/11/2009 DHS EPCOT "Yep, I Was In Harbor Attack & Went To A Peter Noone Concert" Edition

So I spent all day yesterday at the Hollwood Studios & EPCOT. Fun day, not too much out of the ordinary.

Some Notes:

- Started of at Toy Story Mania like usual, me and Matt tore it up! I got my highest score ever, 198,000.
- Matt made the observation that the second room of Star Tours queue has some big time similarities to the Disaster Transport queue at CP.
- Crowds were big, but not as big as they were on Tuesday when the parks hit capacity.
- Great line by the guy playing Simon at American Idol Experiance "that was a performance worthy of any Six Flags Over Georgia Salute To America show I've ever seen"
- Did the 'new' automated spiel Backlot Tour, ride still isn't any good. But I was in Harbor Attack.
- Watched the trampoline section of Block Party Bash, love that parade.
- Took the friendship boat over to EPCOT, where I did a whole lot of nothing.
- My friend really wanted to see the Peter Noone concert, so I joined, and was surprised when I didn't hate it and actually knew three of the songs (which was more then I figured I would).

Some Pics:

Starting to get good at Toy Story Mania.

Very long line to get fastpasses.

Epic Stunt Spectacular was a packed house.

Crowds at Noon.

I had a kids meal for lunch (anyone can order them) and its a pretty good value at only 5 bucks.

I got to be in Harbor Attack which was fun, Matt got some good video of it.

D23 ad on the Backlot Tour.

Sweet Binford Tools Merch!!!

One Mans Dream brought to you by D23.

Broken seat at tower.

Matt picked up this sweet souvenir.

Picked up one of these for my brothers birthday.

Bern Baby Bern!!!

My favorite autographed picture at Sid Cahuengas.

How many teams ago was this??? I mean is anyone gonna buy this?

I knew all 5 answers, go me.

Spoodles, still here for now.

Thats Peter Noone, a very happy older man that put on a decent show.

This pastry was a lot bigger then it looked, but still delicous.

Ride Count

Toy Story Mania
Rock & Roller Coaster
Great Movie Ride
Star Tours
Indiana Jones
American Idol
Backlot Tour
Tower Of Terror (2 Times)
Block Party Bash

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