Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4/13/2009 MK "Easter Crowds Are Still Here" Edition

Spent the afternoon at Magic Kingdom yesterday, very very busy.

Some Notes:

- I was surprised how crowded it was, park had people and long lines everywhere.
- Crying little kids ruined my Carousel Of Progress experiance.
- It was so busy we went over to Tom Sawyers Island (where I haven't been in forever) still has some cool stuff: escape hatch, caves, gun turrents in the forts, barrel bridge. The caves are an excellent place to lose little kids.
- "Celebrate A Dream Come True" is not my favorite 3 o'clock parade.
- Ended up sitting in the front row for Philharmagic, it was a different way to see the show, not something I'd be jumping at to do again.
- All the effects were working on Stitch's Great Escape.
- Time is ticking on Space Mountain with the big refurb coming on Sunday. I got a ride on it and its still a wild little ride, can't wait for updated effects and have fingers crossed for on board audio.
- Had an excellent Jungle Cruise skipper. When stalling for time he told some Disney jokes including: "Why is Cinderella bad at soccer? She keeps running away from the ball ..........and has a pumpkin for a coach."

Some Pics:

Crowds at 1 pm.

Stitch stage show construction.

You know there getting desparate if there advertising "Come in it has air conditioning!"

Giggle Giggle.

Long line at Haunted Mansion.

Highly themed vending machines.

Matt rocking the double guns.

........I know a better 'Mystery Mine'.

Go Teixeira!!

Stupid people, instead of saying "Hmmn bushes and a rope, maybe I should go around" they walked thru the bushes and hopped over the rope. It was rather amusing to watch the people struggle while at Pecos Bills though.

That is one big ass keychain.

Do any of you blog readers out there have this DVD set? I been wondering whats on them and if there good?

Sweet retro Tomorrowland mug.

Really Disney! Who is going to buy a figurine of Mr.Gibbs from a tomorrowland gift shop? I don't know anyone who would really want one anyway, but if they did it would be at Pieces Of Eight or maybe the Emporium, but not Mickeys Star Traders. I wonder how many of these they sell each day?

Ride Count

Carousel Of Progress
Walt Disney World Railroad
Tom Sawyers Island
Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade
Space Mountain
Jungle Cruise

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