Friday, April 17, 2009

4/15 BGT "Its Been A While Edition"

Some Notes:

- This was the first time I've been to Busch Gardens Tampa since 2002. I have always loved this park and after my visit on Wednesday, I still do.
- I apologize for the quality of pics in this update, my camera battery died half way thru the visit, so half the pictures were taken on the iPhone.
- I was only at the park for half a day, cause I wanted to drive over to St. Pete to watch the Yanks beat the Rays.
- I was kinda bummed they don't have koalas anymore, and they don't even use the really cool koala building.
- Equally as bummed about the lack of free beer.
- Walking past the land of the dragons they were playing this insanely dumb Banana Phone song.
- Sheikra was a sweet ride. I had high expectations after riding & loving Griffon, and they were met. The holding break before the big drop is an awesome idea. Between the two I don't have a favorite as they are so similar. This was my 307th Roller Coaster.
- Jungala didn't wow me like I thought it would. I thought the tiger habitat was very well done and the rest of it was just okay, I guess I have high expectation from the Busch brand or I'm spoiled from living 10 minutes from Animal Kingdom.
- Kumba is still pretty smooth and still kicking ass.
- Got on Cheetah Chase, an average wild mouse, nothing special. Was Roller Coaster number 308 though.
- They had crane machines in the arcade for 50 cents, which I like. Didn't win though.
- Rhino Rally was one of few attractions with a lengthy line over an hour, so I didn't get to do that.
- Saw the new KaTonga show. I thought the sets and costumes were excellent, but the story and songs to be just mediocre.
- Montu has been in my top ten steel coasters, and after yesterday it still is. I love all the tunnels.
- Gwasi broke down when I was in line, so that was a no go as well.

Some Pics:

This was cool, one of the first thing you saw after going thru the gate was these flamingos just hanging out on the midway.

Tiger exhibit = very cool.

This ones for you Rapids Nerd.

Best name ever!!

Even though the run in Williamsburg ended, Captain Lucky lives on in Tampa.

DING! Coaster #308.

I wasn't expecting to find this in one of the gift shops.

I didn't get on this today, but I prefer Kilamanjaro myself.

Hey Micheal, does this count?

Anacondas!! Someone warn Ice Cube & J-Lo.

A cool museum type area all about the history of the park with some cool artifacts and pictures.

I miss Akbar. I hate when a park just shutters an attraction with no replacement.

I didn't get on Gwasi Wednesday.

Ride Count

Cheetah Chase

So I haven't gotten an update up in a few days, here some more random pictures from my adventures this week.

I went to the Yanks vs. Rays game at Tropicana Field on Wedneday. The game was great with a come from behind Yankee victory. The stadium I enjoyed more then I thought I would, the dome I think is rather ugly, but the corridors and amennities around it are pretty good. Parking around the stadium is kind of a mess.

New 'Celebrate Tonight' DJ's at Pleasure Island, complete crap, bring back the Adventurers Club.

Construction continues. I will be drinking margaritas there soon enough.

Got the 'Full Montagu' sandwich at Earl of Sandwich. Delicous just like anything else there.

I played mini golf at Winter Summerland for the first time ever. Very cool, well themed putt-putt course.

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TheRapidsNerd / Otto Von Clank said...

Great update from Busch Tampa! The female judge from Japan has informed me that yes, Rhino Rally can in fact be counted, especially since you took time and effort to think of me. Roger Rabbit concurs. ;) Always appreciate the shout outs from you all, whatever water ride or water park you capture. Looks like a great day all around for you. Many thanks!