Saturday, April 25, 2009

4/24 IOA USF "Construction Abound" Edition

So I had to go to the bank of Friday and since the bank is right next to Universal, I decided to stop in for 2.5 hours of playtime and to pick up some construction pictures.

Some Notes:

- Wasn't too busy at the parks when I was there, but this was my first time to Universal since moving down that it wasn't a Mardi Gras night.
- I saw the Sinbad stunt show for the first time since the big move if your into fart jokes, a guy spitting mist (sort of like the move by former WWE wrestler Tajiri) and the kitchen sink then this is the show for you, personally its not my favorite.
- Animatronics were back working at Revenge Of The Mummy.

Some Pics:

A cool Margaritaville shark golf cart, not sure exactly what its purpose is, but its neat.

Wait times around 3 o'clock.

Work continues on what I think is going to be the structure that acts as the entrance to Potterland.

Three Broomsticks restaurant is getting its roof.

The massive main Potterland building. There was a large 'pumping services' machine doing something there on Friday.

Some huts over by Flying Unicorn.

An interesting T Shirt in Jurassic Park.

Not sure what this is, would have investigated but needed to get home before Yankees vs. Red Sox.

Rockit getting closer to 'Summer'.

I was excited to see that a large crane was over in the area of the lift hill. There were guys in that bucket hanging from the crane doing work the entire time I was there. Not exactly sure what they were doing, but my guess would be some sort of electrical work on those cables.

More good news for Rockit, the work walls are down in the turnaround area. It seems like all the work is done on the firehouse bust through. One question I have though is where is the entrance and queue going to be for this ride? There isn't a whole lot of room around the station and I would guess they are going to need a queue that holds a very large number of people.

New Land Of The Lost giant poster.

Happy Hours are a good thing.

Ride Count

Seuss Trolley Ride
Dueling Dragons Ice


Guy said...

I'm taking the family down in mid June, hopefully Rockit is open by then, but it looks like that may not be the case. Thanks so much for the update, because Universal's website is still saying spring 2009 for its opening. Showed my son (13 yrs old) the pictures and hes really excited, he really liked the Jurassic Park shirt. Excellent blog Pat.

Pat McCabe said...

Thanks for the kind words on the blog. Mid-June is probably pushing it, but I was over at Universal this afternoon (pictures will be up later tonight) and they had all of the track in place, even the lift and the top!!

So maybe it will open earlier then we think, I'm sure that Universal wants to get it operating before the big summer crowds arrive.