Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flower & Garden Festival

Currentely going on at EPCOT is the Flower & Garden Festival, while I don't have a green thumb nor am I that into horiculture, I do enjoy the festival because it fills the park with some very awesome topiaries. While some of them are the same as last year, walking around and seeing them everywhere is pretty cool. Here are a whole lot of pictures of what I'm talking about:

So post in the comments section with which one is you favorite. Me, I really like the chinese dragon.

Another cool thing during Flower & Garden, the shuttered Wonders Of Life pavillion opens its doors as Garden Town. While none of the old rides operate anymore it is neat to be somewhere thats normally closed. Here are some pictures of whats left.

Outside of Garden Town/Wonders Of Life.

Where the old Body Wars mural used to be.

Some presentation areas. (Notice in the second picture the large Cranium Command marqui is no more)

Past those blanked out signs is where you used to enter Body Wars.

Not sure what this is for, reminds me of 'The Line Ride' from that South Park episode.

A small exhibit for the new movie.


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MTO coasterman said...

nice pics Pat!

Anonymous said...

i am actually pretty impressed with the flower and garden statues, they look pretty good!

PS......... KPI's

Shannon said...

I am such a girly girl but the ones of tinkerbell and the princesses are my favorite. I have a picture of my sister and I standing next to the tinkerbell one from around 4 years ago. The cups from beauty and the best are cute too.