Monday, April 27, 2009

4/26-27 DHS DTD "Not To Busy" Edition

I spent the afternoon over at the Hollywood Studios yesterday, and took a quick trip around Downtown Disney today to pick up a few things.

Some Notes:

- I stopped by the WDW Radio meet of the month. If you've never heard of WDW Radio its one of the biggest Disney podcast on the net and is truly top notch. I had a good chat with host Lou Mongello, about various things including both of our moves to the sunshine state.
- Crowds really weren't bad at all, this was the least busy day I've seen a Disney park since moving here.
- The posted wait time at Tower Of Terror was way off, the attraction was a walk on, but for some reason the sign read 40 minutes, thats just wrong.
- If you've been on Tower Of Terror more time then you've needed to, try looking straight up while in the drop section, its different.
- Great Movie Ride was running at half capacity, but didn't have a wait anyway.
- "Your gonna hate this ride." A dad to his little kid behind me about to board Great Movie Ride.
- I got to see former Adventurers Club French Maid Sugar Snap as Paula in American Idol Experiance, which was a lot of fun.
- Downtown Disney was quick, picked up some things at World Of Disney, took some pictures.

Some Pics:

Park wasn't busy, but there were still two showings of Fantasmic. I guess they must have been predicting higher numbers, cause I can almost guarantee that that 10 PM show was rather sparsely attended.

Some rides closed up early for I'm guessing grad night stuff.

Stage for grad night.

Crowds at 1.

Fastpasses were still available at 1 o'clock for Toy Story Mania, which is almost unheard of.

Found another shop where you could buy a Mr.Gibbs action figure. I think one day I'm gonna spend the entire day just park hopping around Disney World trying to find the awful product that no one wants that is the Mr.Gibbs action figure. Sao Feng is actually worse.

I like this shirt, almost bought it. Still thinking about it, might need to go back.

It was a little bit windy today, so the balloon was grounded.

Virgin has started its going out of business sale, as it has about a month left before closure. The 20% off just brought the DVD's down to regular prices.

Adventurers Club........ still closed. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Paradiso 37 construction moving along. Margaritas, so soon. I hope they serve them in those GIANT margarita glasses, that be sweet.

Happy Hours are good.

Ride Count

Rock & Roller Coaster (2 times)
American Idol Experiance
Great Movie Ride
Tower Of Terror

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