Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DHS MK 4/7/2009 "Holy Crap Easter Week Is Crowded" Edition

I hit up the Hollywood Studios for the first time since being down here on Tuesday, and DAMN Easter Week is busy.

Some Notes:

- So I've never been to a park as busy as DHS/MK were on Tuesday. Both parks closed to capacity at some point. Some of the peak wait times I saw were: 160 minutes at Toy Story Mania, 2 hours for Tower of Terror & Rock and Roller Coaster, 170 minutes for Space Mountain. Even traditional 'walk-on' attractions were busy: 40 mintures for Muppets and 60 minutes for Stitch.
- Got on Toy Story Mania twice. Beat my ride partner once & lost once. Scores of 164,000 and 158,000.
- For some reason I did the Narnia 'attraction'. Not fun, more of a commercial then an attraction. With Disney not doing anymore Narnia movies I can't see this sticking around long.
- Sounds Dangerous was actually open, so I saw it. Not great, good place for a nap if ya need one.
- Ate lunch at Studios Catering Company, one of few places you actually get an annual pass discount, I saved a whopping 67 cents.
- Bounced around a little bit after seeing Block Party Bash, swung by Port Orleans Riverside enroute to Magic Kingdom.
- Move It Shake It Celebrate was different because of high winds. The characters weren't on top of the presents and no confetti.
- My one friend lost her car in the massive parking lot of the Hollywood Studios, which reminds me as a tip always write were you parked down in your phone.
- Spent 13 hours in the parks with friends both old and new, and had a excellent fun filled day.

Some Pics:

The morning mass cattle stampede to Toy Story Mania.

The beatdown I layed on some guy I rode with right after opening.

Yep, thats the wait time 15 minutes after park opening. Toy Story Mania is a great ride, but its hard one to ride as lines get really long really fast and fastpasses run out early.

Some cool Mickey T's, there a lil different, but I kinda dig um.

Crowds at 12:50.

Crowds at 5:00.

Stitch stage show construction, anyone know when this thing is opening? (I'd guess pretty soon after Space Mountain & TTA go down for refurb)

I thought this was a very cool piece of merch.

So we passed by this van about 5 times in our pathetic (and quite lengthy) search for my friends car. Go Ravelli!!

Ride Count

Toy Story Mania (2 Times)
Journey Into Narnia
Rock & Roller Coaster
Great Movie Ride
American Idol Experiance
Sounds Dangerous
Block Party Bash
Move It Shake It Celebrate
Carousel Of Progress
Tower Of Terror

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