Monday, April 6, 2009

A Few Random Things

Got a few things on my mind today:

Wrestlemania 25
So last night I watched Wrestlemania 25, and was pretty impressed. For those of you that don't know I have been a big WWE fan for a long time. The show was a tad long at four hours but was filled with great moments like:

- Kofi Kingston's mad ups in the ladder match
- Santino as Miss Wrestlemania
- Mickey 'Ram Jam' Rourke knocking out Y2J, wish he would have gone of the top rope like in the movie though
- Jeff Hardy is crazy, its incredible he hasn't really seriously hurt himself yet
- Stone Cold beer HOF celebration
- Rey Mysterio's Joker outfit
- The army of Cena look-a-likes
- The highlight the night was definetely Undertaker vs. HBK. A classic match, between two future hall of famers. I thought taker almost broke his neck on the dive out of the ring.

New York Yankees
Season starts today and I am sooo pumped. Rotation is stacked this year and a brand new 1.5 billion dollar stadium should make for a good time.

I saw this movie today (at the closest theater to me, which is at Downtown Disney, nice theater, comfy seats) and I really didn't like it. I went in expecting to laugh my ass off at a Superbad-esque comedy, what I got was a boring romantic movie. I think I may have only laughed once or twice. Very disapointing, as I was looking forward to it growing up only 20 minutes from the park it was based on (Adventureland in Long Island NY). And for a rated R movie there weren't even any boobs!! But, I don't recommend it, thumbs down!!

And finishing up with some PI pics I took after the movie. Word on the net is the dueling DJ's started playing last night.

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