Sunday, April 5, 2009

USF IOA 4/4/2009 "Hammertime Edition"

I hit up Universal both parks and hung out at Mardi Gras.

Some Notes:

- First thing I did was pick up my premium pass, a tad pricey at $300 but I think it will be worth it between the free express pass after 4 and the free Citywalk admission.
- Parks were crowded, not sure if this was due to Mardi Gras or the start of easter week, but probably a combination of the two.
- I got a great view of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit from Doctor Doom, that ride is gonna be sweet.
- Hulk is getting a bit rough now that its turned 10 years old.
- The first mummy animatronic wasn't working, bummer.
- This was the first time I went on Simpsons since the opening, that is one well done ride. I think I had a good positioned car, cause the dome looked massive.
- I rode Jaws twice, for some good cheesy fun.
- MC Hammer was the concert tonight, and well besides "2 Legit 2 Quit" & "U Can't Touch This", it was terrible. I mean no one knew any of his other songs and they were generally un-entertaining.
- I hung out at the Citywalk Rising Star for a bit after the concert and thats a cool place.

Some Pics:

Crowds at IOA at 3 PM.

After hangning out at Disney for a few days, this was a clear sign that I was NOT at a Disney park, there was beer everywhere.

They are into construction of what I think will be one of the entrances to Potterland. This structure is at the dead end in the back of the Lost Continent (where the carnival games are).

Construction of what I think is going to be the Potter Restaurant.

Construction of the main Potterland show building, I'm guessing that newer construction near the corner of the warehouse might be for the large tower section of Hogwarts Castle.

Some cool Popeye merch.

If I was a little kid I would love this.

Express Pass lines can get a bit backed up.

This was a good find. The bar at IOA does a happy hour and its only $3.50 for a 20 oz beer, sweet deal!!

Rockit station is going to need some touch up paint.

I didn't see any construction going on at Rockit today. The progress I saw agrees with what online reports have said that there might be some problems with the lift design. Which is a shame, cause I'm looking forward to riding this as soon as possible.

.................... a classy Universal customer.

I am gonna finish this update with the man himself, MC Hammer.

Ride Count

Doctor Doom
Incredible Hulk
Cat In The Hat
Jaws (2 times)

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