Saturday, April 4, 2009

EPCOT DAK DTD 4/2-3/2009 "I Think I Could Get Used To This Edition"

So I hit EPCOT for the afternoon & Evening on Thursday, and Animal Kingdom on Friday with a quick side trip to Downtown Disney for dinner.

Some Notes From The Days:

- Looks like they were doing some work to the descent of Spaceship Earth, as I don't remember the funky triangle designs the last time I rode.
- Good to see the fountain out of refurbishment.
- My buddy Matt had never tried the Beverley at Club Cool, so I had to do that. Always a fun time.
- There was a different Hat Lady playing the piano then the last few times I been to EPCOT, and it wasn't a change for the better. This lady was very very old and not that entertaining.
- I saw Reflections of China for the first time ever, some reall cool scenes in that Circlevision film.
- The tram speel always includes "Sit Back & Hold On Tight" which reminds me of
my In The Loop Co-Host Will Holder
- Got on Back Row Expedition Everest for the first time ever and that was good fun. Yeti still not working.
- Saw Flights Of Wonder for the first time ever, parts of the show were entertaining, parts were excruciating.
- I really hate that Primeval Whirl didn't use its fastpass. Its a fun ride, but I'm not going to wait the 30-45 minutes for it.
- The animals on the trails were pretty awesome on this trip. The tigers we out and jumping around, the hippo was gigantic and swimming around the pool and the gorillas were wandering around and one even did the King Kong chest pound thing, I didn't even know that was real, figured it was just in the movies.
- One of the cast members I was talking to grew up like 3 blocks away from me, wierd. Guess it is a small world after all.
- While having dinner at Downtown Disney the loop played the Main Street Electrical Parade soundtrack, I was pleased.

Some Pics:

Crowds at 5 PM.

Fountain is back.

Gary Sinise, sort of like Disney's answer to Bill Paxton from Universal.

I always liked that commercial.

Some neat merch from the Flower & Garden Festival.

On my trips in December and February there were a lot of discounts in the shops, I haven't seen that many since I have moved here, this is the first one.

Mexico has some wierd stuff.

A note to all budget watching Coke loving folks, most places 20 oz bottles are $2.50 and for some reason this stand in Morocco has them for $2.00.

I love the pastry shop in France, this time I went with the eclair (the most fallic of all the pastries) which was like everything from that store was delicous.

I had a Strongbow beer at the Rose & Crown. Different kind of beer, tasted more like apples or wine then beer.

Kung Fu Mickey, not to be confused with Kung Fu Naki.

Crowds at 12:40

Everest has some wierd merch.

And some cool merch, I'm not big on skulls though. Surprisingly I don't have an Everest shirt............ yet.

Rumors on the net have McDonald's leaving as a sponsor of Dinosaur, and while I didn't see the golden arches on any signage, they did still have the "made possible by a generous grant from the McDonalds corporation" recording playing in the hallway after the pre-show.

I took the "Train To Nowhere" for the first time in many visits.

Sale at Starabillas, I've heard rumors that they were in a little bit of trouble.

New balloon ride looks sweet and I think is a perfect addition to Downtown Disney. Sixteen bones is a tad pricey, but seems in line with the rest of Disney's prices.

Adv Club .........still closed, sad face.

Paradiso 37 construction, I'm looking forward to this one cause I enjoy a good frozen drink.

T-Rex Cafe, very popular at dinner time on a Friday night.

Hawaiin BBQ sandwich for dinner from Earl of Sandwich. Absolutely delicous.

Word on the net is that this is where DJ's will now be entertaining passers by at downtown disney. I saw someone in the booth, but i was out of DTD by 7 so no idea if they were doing anything on friday night. Seems dumb to me, pay DJ's to play music to people walking by instead of hmmmmn maybe in one of the empty nightclubs perhaps.

Ride Count
Spaceship Earth
Mission Space
Test Track
Grand Fiesta Tour
Reflections Of China

Everest (2 Times)
Tough To Be A Bug
Train To Nowhere
Kilamanjaro Safari
Flights Of Wonder

Life In Orlando Note

So when I returned from a fun evening at EPCOT I found this little guy hanging out on the pathway to my apartment. I was a bit surprised cause well I'm not used to having armadillos hanging around. They are kinda neat though.

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