Thursday, April 2, 2009

MK 4/1/2009 "Happy Birthday Edition"

Hello eveyone,

Been a while since I posted over here on the blog. It was a big week moving out of my old apartment, driving the 20 hours to my new pad here in Orlando Florida. After checking in an unloading the car here in the wonderful new apartment I decided to spend the rest of my birthday at Magic Kingdom.

Notes from the day:

- Crowds were medium. Mountains were around 40-60 minutes.
- I picked up my birthday $75 gift card!!
- Didn't have a good ride on Stitch, one ear on my headset was out and one of the really cool cannons that I love wasn't working.
- I had my favorite MK foods for the big 24th B-Day: Dole Whip, Pecos Bills & Main Street Popcorn.
- My buddy Matt had never had a dole whip before, so we had to fix that.
- There were real deer just wandering around in the back of Walt Disney World Railroad. This was pretty cool and you really had to do a double take cause there are fake deer on the ride.
- I really don't like it when the fireworks are at park closing cause the mass exodus of people is no fun.
- I saw part of the Electrical Water Pagent for the first time in years.

Some Pics:

I think this is the first time I have ever seen this place open.

Stitch stage show construction, pretty big set up.

Boo to you non-functioning cannon.

A pirates shirt I don't own ..........yet.

There needs to be more Big Al merch.

I like these computerized ordering stations.

Nothing says the old west like a phone!

SWEET!! When did they start selling Dibs in the park?

I entered the annual passholder contest to win a piece of Space Mountain.

Ride Count
Country Bears
Haunted Mansion
Tiki Room
Big Thunder
Walt Disney World Railroad
Space Mountain
Snow White
Small World
Monsters Inc.
Buzz Lightyear

Life In Orlando Note

NEVER go to this grocery store, its insanely overpriced like a 40% markup. Screw you Goodings. Stay away.

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Shannon said...

We have been to that goodings. We dont have one in tampa, and they have really good desserts. They also sell Jones soda which is like my favorite. It is expensive though, because they get all the tourists looking for stuff.