Friday, May 22, 2009

5/22 "Quick Trip To DTD" Edition

I got a little bored today sitting around the apartment and decided to go for a walk around Downtown Disney. Even though I have been critical of the decision to close Pleasure Island, I do enjoy walking around DTD.

They have made some changes since the Virgin Megastore went out of business (insert joke here about Downtown Disney losing it's virginity here). They have taken down the old music banners on the backside of the building and replaced them with Downtown Disney banners and have covered some of the windows with "Celebrate Today" graphics.

Starabillia's has upped its discounts from 20% to 40%, which could be a sign that this store could be on its way out in the near future. I don't think Disney will have trouble selling this piece of property as they have had with the former PI clubs, because this is a much smaller space and is in an excellent location.

Paradiso 37 got it's sign as it gets closer to opening. I have no idea what the opening date for this place is, but I can't imagine its too far off.

I was pretty surprised to here the rumor on Screamscape this week that McDonalds is possibly going to be leaving Downtown Disney. I can see one of two things: It is going as a continued separation between the two companies (fries gone from theme parks & no disney toys in happy meals) or it will close to be rehabbed into a more modern McDonalds, similar to what is currentely being done to the one near the All Stars.

Up merchandise has arrived at World Of Disney, I'm looking forward to seeing this in 3D next week!

I found this cool retro espn shirt in Team Mickey. I am so going to buy this........ once I get a job.

In case you didn't know T-Rex is a huge hit. I have never eaten there (I do want to give it a try), but this mob was around the restaurant at dinner time.

As a big fan of the old Pleasure Island, it actually pains me to see this. They have closed up the clubs and replaced them with this lame excuse for entertainment. Pleasure Island has gone from the home of one of my favorite places on the planet, the Adventurers Club to a dead zone where a mic'd DJ runs around to try and get passers by to do the chicken dance. Yuck!

I walkaround Downtown about once a week, and this is the first time I have ever seen Characters In Flight selling tickets and taking guests up.

Thats it, hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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Shannon said...

I've eaten at T-rex. The food is mediocre but not disgusting at least. The theming is pretty nice and if you make reservations its pretty quick to get in.

You must live in Orlando obviously right? We live in Tampa so we only get there every couple of months.