Tuesday, May 26, 2009

5/26 USF "Changes Are Coming" Edition

Hello Everyone,

Before I get to todays update from Universal I got some news about the future of A Walk In The Park (Podcast/Blog). I got a new job today and will no longer be able to run A Walk In The Park or In The Loop, for more information see my post over at Coaster Crew:


Back to today, swung by Universal to see how things were going on the big projects.

Some Pics:

Here is Rip Ride Rockit, moving along well. I didn't see any testing, but there was progress. Lights were on at the top of the lift, station is coming together, a new railing has shown up and landscaping work continues on the 'Citywalk' section of the ride.

Sweet shirt.

Potterland: very large and construction moving very slow. I am starting to have a hard time believing that what is in these pictures, will look like this in just a year.

Ride Count

Men In Black
Simpsons (2 Times)
Mummy (2 Times)

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Anonymous said...

Good luck..I have never commented but have enjoyed the blog.

Joe from Chicago