Thursday, May 14, 2009

5/8-14 "Finally Have The Internet Back" Edition

Its been a while since an update blog (and there's plenty to update about) I haven't had my internet working since Friday, so did plenty of playing here in Central Florida instead. I went to Sea World (5/8), Universal (5/9 & Today), Magic Kingdom (5/10) and Animal Kingdom (5/12).

Some Notes:

- Rode back row on Manta, pretty intense.
- I saw Blue Horizons for the first time and really enjoyed it. Its the dolphin/bird/acrobat/diver show Sea World has, its a bit odd, but I dig it.
- Can't say the same for Believe which I saw for the first time. This version of the Shamu show I thought was pretty tame, really seemed to try and make a bigger deal about itself then it should and I think was designed to mostly sell necklaces.
- Sea Worlds food is great, but a tad on the pricey side $8 Burgers & over $10 for the BBQ.
- Shamu Stadium is absolutely massive, not sure what holds more people this or Lights Motors at DHS.
- Dolphins were fun to watch in their exhibit, as they were swimming in packs.
- Pets Ahoy is just a simple, fun (and air conditioned) little show.

- Saw the vortex-less Poseidons Fury, which isn't nearly as good as the Vortex version, but I don't find awful. The host had a good line while encouraging guest not to move on to the next room "There Could Be Snake In There............. Or Voltemort".
- Why isn't parts of the castle at Dueling Dragons AC'd it made waiting in line very uncomfortable.
- MIB score 218,000.

- I was at the Magic Kingdom on Mothers Day and the park did a very nice gesture and there was a guy on main street giving flowers out to all the mothers that past.
- I got to the park too late to see the new Stitch stage show, while not something I'm particularly looking forward to, it's something new I haven't seen.
- Both cannons were down on Stitch's Great Escape, which really hurts the show.
- Park was pretty empty for the Magic Kingdom.

- Had a really good walk thru of the Majarah Jungle Trek, the tigers were wrestling and the Tapir was swimming around.

- Mummy animatronic was down again today.
- MIB score 269,000
- "I like those rides with scores, you get to shoot stuff" - Simple Man Getting Off Men In Black
- Didn't see to much work going on at Rockit.

Some Pics:

Some of the merch over at Manta, nothing that really strikes my fancy.

Reminder: Your not in Disney World anymore.

Not sure what they were doing, but these two firefighters were walking around the park in full gear.

Am I going crazy or are these boxed trees in Adventureland outside the Jungle Cruise new?

New shirts at Pirates.

Completed Stitch stage.

Small World getting some love and has a temporary tiny entrance not where it usually is.

Sweet Goofy as Davy Jones plush.

Wipeout was a Downtown Disney on Monday, not as impressive as I thought it would be.

Tapir chilling in the water.

This one's for you Rapids Nerd.

A terrifying gathering of birds on the safari.

Why would they let the incredible failure that is 'Celebrate Tonight' grow?? It now has its own fail shack.

I think Laffers got a new color.

Construction continues on Paradiso 37.

Virgin Megastore is now closed, for those of you keeping count at home that makes 8 empty spots in Downtown Disney.

Potter construction.

A temporary stage was being set up at Universal, not sure what its for, I'd guess some special after hours event.

They re-arranged the Mummy gift shop, not sure why this was done.

Some sweet plush for sale in Suess Landing.

Potter keeps growing.

Ride Count

Blue Horizons
Sky Tower
Shark Encounter
Pets Ahoy

Poseidons Fury
Fire Dragon

Tiki Room
Jungle Cruise (2 Times)
Stitchs Great Escape
Haunted Mansion
Splash Mountain

Kilamanjaro Safari
Jammin Jungle Parade

Cat In The Hat

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Shannon said...

Blue horizons is one of my favorite sea world show, after the seal show--the funny one with the seals?and of course pets ahoy

And your right believe is pretty lame. it doesnt have enough tricks