Sunday, May 17, 2009

Star Tours of Freestyle's New Hotness

So I got some thoughts on some recent things:

Star Tours 2.0

I am so excited that they are filming Star Tours 2.0. The original ride is a classic, but at about 20 years old has become pretty outdated. I think with all the technology out there (HD, 3D, Widescree, Holograms) that the imagineers can really put on a spectacular show here. I guess the big question on this one becomes, just when Star Tours 2.0 becomes a reality, my guess would be it opens on both coasts for the summer of 2010.

Freestyle Coming Together

Well the Freestyle Music Park finally has put more details on there website. They have a full map and ride names, a calender and prices. The big changes include Led Zepplin becoming the Time Machine, with 5 different soundtracks. I really like this idea, as it makes the attraction much more re-rideable. Of course there are some whiny coaster geeks out there that are complaining about the Zepplin being painted pink (these are probably the same losers that bitch about what unthemed coasters are named) but I think the Concept Art of the finished product looks pretty neat. The fireworks are returning, which is something I didn't expect to see.

I think the people behind FSMP seem to know more of what they are doing then the previous operators, but they are still going to need a good marketing campaign to get people to show up. Two major questions I have are just what music is going to be played on the roller coasters and more details about this 'Monstars Of Rock' dark ride that is replacing the Nights In White Satin attraction. I will get a chance to ask these questions tomorrow on In The Loop as a rep from the park is going to come on the show!!

New Hotness

So new rides have started to open and the new hotness is sweeping the country. The picture above is from the LA Times Blog showing off the highly detailed trains (complete with onboard audio) that look outstanding.

Monster Mansion re-opened at SFOG and looks very cool. I loved this ride when I went to the park back in 2002 and really really want to go on an updated version. While I really don't like six flags new super cheap plan of throwing a million dollars at a ride, changing its name and marketing it as new to try and dupe the public into thinking they got a new roller coaster (I actually had a conversation with my dad a few weeks back who said "I see great adventure is getting a new coaster this year" to which I had to respond "No, thats a painted Medusa with a new name") I think this one is really being marketed better, as "we updated a classic come check it out" so I approve.

Finish up this update with a youtube video of some of the new hotness out at DCA. If the rest of the 1.1 billion expansion is this good in quality then I have very high hopes for that parks future.

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