Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wake Up A Walk In The Park Blog

Hey Folks!

Hello all and welcome to the A Walk In The Park Blog. I know it has been way to long since things were handed off but we are finally back in the saddle and ready to go with some blogging.

First I would like to introduce my self. My name is Clint Novak, and I am taking over things for Pat well he becomes rich and famous. I never really had my own blog before, so this will be a new experience for us! Also want to point out to the people who don't know me my spelling and grammar is not so good, so you will have to forgive me if I spell something wrong. Also, I live in VA and my home park is Kings Dominion, so you will have to forgive me when I talk about Dominator and Intimidator 305 all the time!

I think thats where I will start with the blog. In the last few weeks the Coaster Crew and myself have been running all over covering the new roller coasters that are coming out. Not just coasters but other water rides and such as well. I think I will go down the line and give a little opinion about them.

Kennywoods Unnamed Coaster

This cool looking coaster I think is one of the bigger suprizes of the summer. I did not see Kennywood jumping in to this kind of coaster. The coaster is being built by Primier rides. It kind looks like Speed: The Ride mixed with Flight of Fear. Dont know how great of a ride it will be but I did not see it coming! Kennywoods first launch coaster!

Holiday World's Wildebeest

This was I think the biggest let down of the summer. When the hip first started for this ride I really thought they would be getting there first steel coaster. Then I saw the price tag, and said well its not a steely, but it could be a small woodie. Its a good thing that they are adding to the water park, because there water park is there big money maker and I think thats really cool. But I just think this is a lot of money for a water slide. BUT, it does look like a kick ass water coaster. Not a big fan of water coasters. Been on both in Sandusky (Convar belt and water jet) and really would like to see how the LIM system works with the water coaster. Also would love to see more water parks add flow riders. Love flow riders!!

Kings Dominion's Intimidator 305

Now this ride I can not wait to ride! I will admit that I knew about the details of this coaster before it was announced. I am not going to say how long I knew, but I will say this. If I ever had to choice between knowing before everyone, and finding out with everyone... I want to be a fan and find out like everyone else! That said I am so excited that my home park is getting such a great ride. I know there are a lot of winning coaster nerds and they are unhappy with is, but dude... we are getting a $25 million giga coaster! secend only to MF at Cedar Point in the USA!! I really cant wait. Love the layout.. but don't care for the theme. I am not upset with it because in the last few weeks I have seen how great this theme will be fore Kings Dominion and Carowinds (more so for Carowinds)

Carowinds Intimidator

This coaster is my secend favorite so far this year. As far as B&M Hypers go it looks nice. Kinda like Apollos Cheriot and Dimaond Back mixed in to one. I think Carowinds stepped up the themeing of this coaster and have told us of the details of the Que line and ride entrince. I really hope Kings Dominion does something like that as well.

Over all I really think next year is going to be a great summer. The only other big announcment I think we will see this year is Cedar Point and I am sure its some kind of water ride. So we will have to see in the upcoming weeks what that may be.

Well hope you liked the first blog. I know you are asking "If you are doing the blog, who is doing the podcast?" The answer is also me! Our webguy will be working on getting the feed over to Coaster Crew's website and we will get it back up and running. The podcast will be done the same way it was when Pat was running it. Will need your help to keep it going, so get ready to do some trip reports from the park!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, or comments!

Tell next time!

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