Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mickey Mouse & Spider-Man

Adult Content

This week I feel like I am such a Disney fan. For those who know me you know that I like going to Disney, but when it comes down to it, I normally go the cheaper rout and end up going 7 days at Universal then one day at Disney. Thats not to say I dont love Disney, I do... I just cant aford it. Whats the saying? Living a Champlain live on a beer budget?

This week two story's really cough my eye and got me thinking. The first being the Mouse kicking Universal in the soft "no no" spot by buying up Marvel comics, and with that would be the new owners and holder of any contracts Universal has with Marvel. Kinda makes me think, did Mickey do this just so they could hit Universal where it hurts? Will this hurt Universal?

When I look at Universals IOA, I see two lands that are successful, and some stuff thats not. The kids area, and the comic area are the two areas I feel are the biggest crowed pleasers. This will change with Potter flying in next year. Non the less Disney will now own the rights to one of the more popular areas at IOA. I think thats a low blow and sucks. Again, love Disney...

So my prodiction is that we will only see a few more seasons of our Spider-man ride (witch really is the only big themed ride that would actualy be effected if Marvel left). Good news is that Spider-man and Darkastle were designed in a way that could let the ride system stay, but the ride itself could be re-themed. So now the question is, does IOA have the guts to put in the Knights in White Saten, The Trip!

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